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How to Choose the Best Safety Glass for Shower Room?

Generally, we will think, the more thick of the glass, the more safety it will be. But for shower room glass, most often, we will use the safety tempered glass, it is not the most thick, the most safety. If the glass is too thick, it will have the opposite effect.

For the tempered glass, the more thick, the glass thermal conductivity is relatively worse, the greater possible for it to self-explode. Because for the tempered glass self-explosion, one major reason is uneven heat dissipation, so from this point, we think it’s better to choose the thinner tempered glass to build the glass shower room. So what’s the general thickness tempered glass for shower room? As per our experience, 8mm 10mm 12mm tempered glass is perfect to make the shower door, shower screen, etc.

But some tempered glass over 8mm thick from some small glass factories, it’s hard for them to be full tempered, in this situation, once the glass broken, it will be sharp pieces, very easy to hurt human beings, so for shower room glass, in one hand, we suggest don’t buy too thick glass to make the shower room, in the other hand, try to purchase the safety glass from well-known glass factory to make sure the best glass quality.