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How to Cut Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass usually has two or more outer pieces of glass bonded together through high heat and pressure, with one or more layers of plastic in-between.

Laminated glass looks like normal glass, and is also known as safety glass. Due to the inner layer, cutting laminated glass is different from cutting regular glass, unless using specialized tools. It is possible to cutlaminated glass with regular glass-cutting tools, but there are extra steps involved.

Place the glass on a flat, flame-resistant work surface. The surface should be strong in order to withstand pressure that will be involved in the process.

Use the tape measure and marker to make a line for cutting the glass to the desired size.

Place the edge of the ruler as a guide along the marked line. Place the rotary wheel glass cutter along the edge of the ruler. Apply pressure while moving the glass cutter along the full length of the marked line. Slide the ruler along to keep the glass cutter on the cutting line.

Apply a coating of lighter fluid to the cut line.

Place the ruler as a guide along the cutting line and run the glass cutter along the line again.

Raise the glass and place the ruler under the edge of the mark. Using an even pressure to both sides of the cut line, push down until the glass breaks along the cut line. Press evenly.

Turn the glass over. Place the ruler along the line to be cut with the glass cutter and cut the length of the line. Again, move the ruler in order to keep the glass cutter on the cutting line.

Lift up the edge of the glass and place the ruler under the edge under the mark. Press evenly on the glass on both sides of the cut until the glass snaps through the cut. Use even pressure.

Place lighter fluid along the cut edge. Light the lighter fluid and wait until the flames go out. Immediately place the cut edge on the flat surface and press down while holding the opposite uncut edge. The heat weakens the interior plastic that is between the glass layers. Do this for both sides. This increases the gap between the two pieces of glass. Take a utility knife and cut along the cut edges to cut through the plastic/ laminate. Wipe the glass pieces clean with a soft clean cloth.