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Why Laminated Glass Has Bubbles?

Laminated glass have bubbles,surely that have more diversified reasons,and will be related to the quality:

1. Consider from the flatness of two pieces of glass,if not goood fitness during processing,bubbles and dehisce will be happened during internal stress of laminated glass released.

2. The quality of PVB film and thickness difference.If the quality of PVB film is not good,it will be easy dehisce of two pieces of glass.About the thickness difference,we need to control the precision very strictly,to control the tolerance for thickness and size,if not,the finished glass quality will be not good.

3. Problems happened during the laminated glass is on processing,and parameters of pre-pressure and autoclave temperature are deviation.

4. Curtain wall drainage system design have defects,that means the edge of laminated glass is always soaked in water or water vapor,bubbles or degumming phenomenon will be happened.

Hope above points could help you to buy the high quality laminated glass.