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How to Prevent Glass Mildew?

Glass mildew is a big problem for glass industry, with high temperature and humidity characteristics of the weather in summer and winter, the glass mildew run into the peak. So how to prevent glass mildew become the primary task of many glass companies.

On one hand, the glass mildew related to the glass surface characteristics, but also related to float glass packaging measures taken before the anti-mildew packaging sealing degree, storage and transportation conditions. When the float glass molding, annealing, are generally taken online packaging, the temperature of the glass is about 50 ~ 100 ℃. Packed glass must be inventory, transport to the user after long time shipping. If it is high temperature, high humidity season, improper storage, the glass may appear mildew.

Packaging can be made in hot station or in cold station with paper or anti-mildew powder.

How to store glass?

1.Better be stored in well ventilated warehouse;

2.do not put the glass box directly on the wet ground of warehouse;

3.Do not store the glass outdoors and in direct sunlight.