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Analysis on China Flat Glass 2019

Viewing from the supply & demand, real estate completion has grown in a high speed, as the total completed area was 0.415 billion square meters, with a growth rate of 5%. On the other hand, automobile industry demand increases in a stable speed while flat glass export seems to be positive. Overall down-stream sector demand is not bad.

As far as the supply end concerned, the number of national glass on-line production line was 247 and capacity was 0.919 billion boxes in the first half 2017, increasing by 6.4% of 550 million boxes compared with the same period of last year. Also, 3 new production lines being started, 10 stopped and 8 re-production lines. 3.42 million boxes of net glass increment is expected to be seen in the future days.

Under such boom market, the following reasons may cause for the slow re-production:

Serious environment protection inspection has limited the cost and production.

Glass manufacturers began to think more about the cost.